Artoonix is fun to use yet powerful software to create cartoons or animated movies.

Animate the still pictures or drawings, import them from movies and series of photos, add your own sounds or insert music clips. Advanced animation and sound editing tools are also available: automated frame tweening, multi-frame scene editing, audio effects, and many many more – go on, trying it out is free!

Listen & Speak

The app for Android to learn foreign languages and improving pronunciation.

The application will transform your mobile device into a perfect foreign language teacher. It uses an advanced learning technique where short language patterns are read, understood, and pronounced in sequence. The application then analyzes your pronunciation, telling you how well you have done. You can also directly compare your recording to the reference version. By going through the set of such patterns you quickly built up the necessary skills and become proficient in speaking freely the language of your choice.

Music & Lights

The app for Android which displays sounds around you as dancing colored shapes on the screen.

Have more fun when you listen to music, sing or just make comic sounds with "Music & Lights". Start enjoying your personal light show now!


Duoz is a new board strategy game like chess, checkers, weiqi (aka Go).

Simple rules, easy to play and yet unlimited in possibilities of how to beat your opponent. Play it against computer, or show yourself off against inferior humans – the choice is yours!